We get that question a lot, too. Our typical answer is, "That depends on what kind of solution you're looking for." Every client is different, so every proposal we put together is different. It all boils down to time, scope and budget. There's no easy answer to the question, but for the sake of helping you make a decision, we can safely say that you can access the talent of an entire marketing department for equal or less than the cost of one experienced marketing professional.

Do you prefer hourly rates, a monthly retainer, or a half-now half-later project fee?

What's your deadline?

How much do you need?

Do you know what you can afford to spend for the project?

Are there ongoing services we'll perform?


We meet a lot of small business owners who are either just getting started, need a little help organizing their marketing, or are looking for a boost to give their brand some mometum.  Based on the most frequent requests we receive from this group and in an effort to help small business owners plan for their marketing investments, we've created the following example packages.  Marketing packages are customizable, so if you'd like something special, please let us know.



For the small business start-up that needs marketing collateral to help it get off the ground.  This package is designed to be just what you need at an affordable price.



  • Custom Logo Design

  • 1000 Glossy, 2-Sided, Full-Color
    Business Cards

  • 2500 Glossy, Tri-fold, Full-Color Brochures

  • 5-Page Basic Website Design

  • 1-yr Website Hosting

  • URL Set-Up & 1-yr Hosting

  • Email Set-Up & 1-yr Hosting



So you signed up to be part of a trade show...do you have the right materials to stand out from the crowd and have a successful event? Here are some basic materials that can help:



  • Full Color, Overhead Gator-Foam Sign

  • Professionally Designed 3' Wide, Full-Color Retractable Banner w/Stand & Case

  • Coordinating Colored Tablecloth

  • 2500 Standard Promotional Pens

  • 2 Custom Branded Polos (Apparel)

  • Lead Capture Strategy



Bring your visual marketing elements together to create a consistent look, feel and brand message across your existing website and social media platforms (and fix that cropped logo on your Facebook page.)


  • Custom Graphic Art for up to 3 Social Media Profiles, such as: Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. (samples)

  • Coordinated Profile Content for each corresponding account

  • Custom Designed E-newsletter Template

PACKAGE PRICE......................$4175

*Pricing is approximate, details apply. You will be given an actual quote based on your specific needs.

PACKAGE PRICE......................$2360

*Pricing is approximate, details apply. You will be given an actual quote based on your specific needs.

PACKAGE PRICE......................$1250

*Pricing is approximate, details apply. You will be given an actual quote based on your specific needs.




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